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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions we’re asked when customers are considering buying a new fireplace, woodburning stove or fire.

If you don’t find the answer to your question then get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Fireplaces & general questions

What size of fire will suit my room?

Generally depends on the size of room and temperature required to achieve, this can be advised on survey or in the showroom.

If you have an external chimney, what type of fire can you have?

Most types will fit external chimneys as long as they are built in.

Can you work out the opening on an external chimney?

This can be done by measuring total width and subtracting the cavity of both sides e.g. total width then subtract 22" and this will give you the opening size.

What are your fireplaces made of?

Natural stone and wood mantles.

Can you provide a bespoke fireplace personal to me?

Subject to survey this is normally achievable.

Will I receive a certificate for the installation of either gas or wood burning fires?

Yes, this will be approximately 10 days after the installation.

Do you need a carbon monoxide alarm with all appliances e.g. gas or wood burning?

It is advisable on all open flued appliances whether gas or wood burning i.e. if you have a chimney.

What are your payment terms?

50% first payment on order and the balance will be due on the day of completion.

What are your lead times from order to fitting?

Anything from 4 to 10 weeks depending on seasonal demand.

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Gas Fires

Can you have a gas fire if you have no chimney?

Yes we can install a balanced flue fire (like a boiler), or we can build an external chimney with a flue liner.

Q. What is the difference between conventional flue, balanced flue and Powerflue gas fire?

Conventional flue uses a chimney and the fire draws the air from the room and the natural draft up the chimney.

Balanced flue are room sealed appliances so air for combustions comes from the outside then the fumes go to the outside.

Powerflue is an extraction system to the outside.

Do all gas fires need a flue liner?

No, not necessarily depending on the fire.

Do all gas fires require air vents?

No, only the fires which have about an input of 7kw or more.

What sort of guarantee do you get with a gas appliance?

Depending on the manufacturer this can be anything from 1 to 5 years.

How often should the gas appliance be serviced?

At least every 12 months in accordance with Gas Safe Regulations.

Which is the best gas fire for the main source of heating?

High efficiency balanced flue gas fires as they are the most efficient and cost effective.

If you have a chimney what type of gas fire would be possible?

Most models are suitable, although this depends on chimney size.

Which type is more efficient?

Glass fronted rather than open fronted.

What would the difference in running cost be on an open fronted gas fire to a glass fronted gas fire?

Generally speaking a glass fronted gas fire can be anything from 25-40% more efficient and cheaper to run than an open fronted gas fire.

What is the difference between a class I flue and a class II flue.

Generally speaking the diameter and construction of the flue.

Can you have a remote control for the gas fire and do you need electricity to operate?

Most models have the option of remote control and they are generally battery controlled.

Do you have to have a full fireplace with a gas fire?

Not necessarily. There are many hole in the wall fires available.

How do you clean the glass on a gas fire?

This is generally done by the service engineer with a non abrasive ceramic hob cleaner.

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Wood Burning Stoves

If you have no chimney can you have a wood burning stove?

Yes we can fit a wood burning stove almost anywhere.

Do you require extra ventilation in the room with a wood burning stove?

This is dependent on the age of the property, performance of the stove and the output of the stove; this can be advised in the showroom or on survey.

How long does it take to install a wood burning stove?

Anything from 1 to 4 days depending on the job.

Can you have a dummy chimney breast built for a wood burning stove?

Yes, providing the correct materials is used; this can be advised in the showroom.

Can you put a wood beam across the opening with a wood burning stove?

This is not possible due to the high temperatures produced by the stove and according the building regulations.

Can you stand a freestanding stove straight on to the floor?

This is not possible due to the heat generated by the appliance.

Can a wood burning stove be fitted if my chimney has been taken away in the loft space?

Yes this is possible using the correct equipment.

How often does a wood burning stove need servicing?

This can be anything from once a year, twice a year or more depending on use.

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Electric Fires

Can an electric fire go flat against a wall with no fireplace?

Yes if you use the correct spacer.

Do you need a hearth with an electric fire?


Do you need a special electric point for an electric fire?

No, they just plug in.

How expensive is an electric fire to run?

An electric fire can be quite expensive to run if used regularly, especially compared to the efficiency of a gas fire.

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Logs and fuel

How long does a log last?

If operated correctly and assuming a dry hardwood logs then 30-45 mins.

What is the best wood to use?

A good mix of kiln dried hardwoods.

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What are your Terms & Conditions

Where Can I view your Terms & Conditions

Please Find our Terms & Conditions Here… https://bit.ly/31BZyj1

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