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Conservatory stove installation

This conservatory was only being used in the summer months. The space was very hard to keep warm. Electric heaters had proved too expensive to heat the conservatory and so it fell into disuse.

Embers suggested installing a wood burning stove as a solution. Installing a flue through a glass roof is a tricky installation that puts off a lot of our competitors. It’s just the kind of wood burning stove installation we love.

Termatech wood burning stove
A Termatech wood burning stove installed into a conservatory
Image showing an external flue into a conservatory
An external stainless flue is installed through the conservatory roof

Termatech wood burning stove

We installed a Termatech wood burning stove into the conservatory. The Termatech is a free standing model that has a wow-factor design and looks amazing when lit. It is a hugely popular model of wood burning stove. You can come and see one working in our showroom.

Custom conservatory installation

A glass pane was removed form the roof and replaced with an aluminium weathering slate. This allowed us to pass a stainless steel external flue through the conservatory roof into the wood burning stove.

The result is an incredibly neat and effective solution to installing a wood burning stove into a conservatory, orangery or a room with a glass roof.

The conservatory is now the centre of the home and is used extensively throughout the year.