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Fireplace accessories

We stock a wide range of fireplace accessories.

Companion sets are perfect for keeping the fireplace and hearth free of ash. Wood baskets and coal scuttles keep your solid fuel neat and tidy. A range of firelighters and long matches will help you get your fire off to a roaring start. Fire guards and screens prevent little hands from getting near live fires.

A wide range of accessories

Stove glass cleaners and heat resistant stove paint keep your wood burning stove looking great. Stove pipe temperature gauges and log moisture meters are also available. They are perfect for the wood burning stove geek!

We supply spares for wood burning stoves, gas fires. You’ll find spares like replacement glass screens, frets, flue liners and replacement coals in our showroom. If we don’t have it in stock then we can order it for you.

Illustration showing chimney sweeping


We offer yearly servicing and cleaning for gas fires, wood burning stoves and chimneys.

You can also sign up to a yearly reminder so you don’t forget!

Log burner & gas fire servicing
Kiln dried logs

Logs & fuel

We sell kiln dried logs and kindling. Kiln dried logs contain less moisture so they burn longer and hotter than ordinary seasoned logs.

Find out more about our kiln dried logs.

Kiln dried logs