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Kiln dried logs & kindling

We sell and deliver logs for wood burning stoves and log burners. We also sell kindling wood and firelighters.

We currently supply logs to Frimley Green, Camberley, Guildford, Farnham and the surrounding areas of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

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We love kiln dried logs! Their low moisture content means that they burn more efficiently than ordinary seasoned logs

Prolong the life of your wood burning stove

Using seasoned kiln dried logs will increase the efficiency of your wood burning stove. It also means that the logs generate less soot. This will prolong the life of your wood burner or multi fuel log burner.

We now source our firewood from sustainable hardwood woodlands around Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. It’s then cut into handy sizes logs to fit most wood burning stoves. The logs are then kiln dried.

The kiln drying process removes huge quantities of moisture from the logs. Less moisture makes logs burn hotter and for longer. You get a much lower moisture content (5-10%) than ordinary seasoned air dried logs (15-20%).

An image of a moisture meter in a kiln dried log
A moisture meter can help you choose the driest logs
A black and white image of some kiln dried log ends
Kiln dried logs are the best fuel for your wood burning stove