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Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves are more popular than ever. Glowing embers and toasty warmth are as appealing as their efficiency and clean operation.

Wood burning stoves are cleaner to use than an open fire and they look great too. New models can burn at more than 70% efficiency. When compared to the 20% efficiency of an open fire the benefits of a having a wood burning stove installed are obvious.

Log burners are available in a huge range of sizes, capacity and styles. From contemporary double sided free standing stoves, to traditional stoves installed into existing fireplaces.

We sell Newman wood burning stoves.

We love their quality and reliability and our customers do too. If there’s a particular model you want then we can source from other manufacturers too.

Save yourself some money. Our package deals include a wood burning stove with fireplace, slips and a hearth. We’ll even install it as part of the price.

Come and see for yourself at our showroom in Frimley Green. We have installed fireplaces with a variety of wood burning stoves. You can see how a combination looks before committing to buying a new fireplace.

Visit our Frimley Green showroom to see our range of fully installed and working wood burning stoves

A Termatech wood burning stove
A Termatech wood burning stove in our showroom
An image showing hot embers glowing in a wood burning stove
Enjoy slow burning and efficient warmth with a modern wood burning stove